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It can be heart-wrenching when the time
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At DIRECT SCRAP CARS we take the stress out
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Car Scrapping with Direct Scrap Cars

It might sound like a simple thing to do… to scrap your car. You might be surprised to know that it’s not that simple. Since a car is composed of different kinds of materials, e.g. iron, rubber, plastic, fabric, etc., therefore all these materials have to be junked according to their own requirements. That is why you need a proper scrapping facility like Direct Scrap Cars.

If you live in the vicinity of Middlesex, and you want to scrap your car, then Direct Scrap Cars is just the right place for you. It does not only provide professional services for junking your car but also extends services such as towing and transportation. DSC offers many other services such as 25 miles radius pick up, instant cash and free car quotation.

Our staff is highly professional and experienced in the field of scrapping cars.  They carry out the junking task with utmost professionalism and dexterity. Because of their expertise, they come highly recommended by our customers and clients. This is not just a claim. Check out the testimonials here.

With Direct Scrap Cars, you can scrap your car as per the mandate of government and the environmental requirements. At Direct Scrap Cars, it is our priority that car is junked in such a manner which does not pose any threat to the environment. The oils and gas in car may cause hazards to the environment if they are disposed of in a careless manner. Our staff is dedicated to carrying out car scrapping without causing any hazard to the environment.

So if you are a resident of Middlesex, and want to scrap your car, bring your car to DSC or pick up the phone and get quotation for your car from our experts. Because this is the right way of scrapping your car.


Top and quick service, very happy, family run business.

Anthony Carolan

Fantastic service. Arrived within 15min after phoning for recovery after having a blowout on A40.
Even took me to tyre shop to get wheel sorted
5 stars doesn’t do this company justice
Would recommend to anyone

John Davies

Broke down on the A40 had no recovery policy so I called direct scrap cars for a recovery. Quick, prompt and professional approach I was back home in no time. Would recommend this recovery service to anyone.

George Barley

“My car failed its MOT and didn’t know what to do. I called DIRECT SCRAP CARS and they paid ME to take the car away! WOW. Thanks.”

Mike, Bromley

“What a great service. So quick and efficient. You did everything for me and I was able to buy a new car that day.”

Ranjit, Staines

“DIRECT SCRAP CARS were amazing, they arrived within 45 minutes and took my car away. Such a relief, thank you.”

Paul, Luton

A friend recommended DIRECT SCRAP CARS after my car was written off, within 24 hours I had cash in hand to buy a new one. Thank you DIRECT SCRAP CARS for such an easy and professional service.

Lucy, Richmond
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