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At DIRECT SCRAP CARS, we take care of everything for you, from collection to disposal and guarantee a cash value upon inspection of your vehicle. Saying goodbye to your unwanted car couldn’t be easier with DIRECT SCRAP CARS.

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It can be heart-wrenching when the time comes to part company with your beloved car. MOT failure, damage, expensive repairs or an accident can spell the end of an era for your hard working vehicle.

At DIRECT SCRAP CARS we take the stress out of saying goodbye to your vehicle and do all the work for you. All you have to do is to decide how you will spend your cash!

Why not join over hundreds of motorists who have used our services at DIRECT SCRAP CARS and share your experience with us.

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Best Price, Instant Cash, M25 Pick-Up, 5-Star Rating

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Car Scrapping with Direct Scrap Cars

It might sound like a simple thing to do… to scrap your car. You might be surprised to know that it’s not that simple. Since a car is composed of different kinds of materials, e.g. iron, rubber, plastic, fabric, etc., therefore all these materials have to be junked according to their own requirements. That is why you need a proper scrapping facility like Direct Scrap Cars.

If you live in the vicinity of Middlesex, and you want to scrap your car, then Direct Scrap Cars is just the right place for you. It does not only provide professional services for junking your car but also extends services such as towing and transportation. DSC offers many other services such as 25 miles radius pick up, instant cash and free car quotation.

You Can Find Us By Searching For Scrap My Car London, Remove my Car London, Scrapped Cars London,Scrap Car Removal, salvage car buyers,Best Car Scrap Prices West London and We Will Give You Best Prices and Quick Services We are Working 24/7 For Scraping Services. Just Call us for Selling Your MOT Failure .

Our staff is highly professional and experienced in the field of scrapping cars.  They carry out the junking task with utmost professionalism and dexterity. Because of their expertise, they come highly recommended by our customers and clients. This is not just a claim. Check out the testimonials here.

With Direct Scrap Cars, you can scrap your car as per the mandate of government and the environmental requirements. At Direct Scrap Cars, it is our priority that car is junked in such a manner which does not pose any threat to the environment. The oils and gas in car may cause hazards to the environment if they are disposed of in a careless manner. Our staff is dedicated to carrying out car scrapping without causing any hazard to the environment.

So if you are a resident of Middlesex, and want to scrap your car, bring your car to DSC or pick up the phone and get quotation for your car from our experts. Because this is the right way of scrapping your car.

Clapped Out Car

Areas We Cover

With over 50 years of experience of scrapping cars, collecting junk cars and MOT failures, recycling junk cars and transporting scrap vehicles; around London, Direct Scrap Cars has become a symbol of excellence and quality. When it comes to junking cars, we make sure that we carry it out with the utmost perfection and expertise. When it comes to our customers, we pride ourselves in the fact that we treat them in such a manner which they truly deserve. When it comes to professionalism; we are humbled how our customers view us. When it comes to preserving mother-nature, we invest all our efforts and energies to keep the environment clean and pollution-free. And when it comes to providing quality services, we are confident that we cover the areas of London like no other facility.  Whether it be junking scrap car or recycling mot failure car, we are quite certain that no other facility carry out the process in a way as we do. Our dedicated staff and experts are available 24/7 to guide you for junking your car.

Currently, we cover the areas of:

Ruislip                                                              South Ruislip                                                                            West Ruislip

Ruislip Manor                                                Ruislip Gardens                                                                        Eastcote

Pinner                                                              Hatch end                                                                                 North Harrow

South Harrow                                                West Harrow                                                                            Harrow

Harrow Wealdstone                                     Kenton                                                                                       Kingsbury

Colindale                                                        Edgware                                                                                     Burnt oak

Stanmore                                                       Belmont                                                                                     Hillingdon

Ickenham                                                       Uxbridge                                                                                   Hayes

Southhall                                                        Northolt                                                                                    Harefield

Northwood                                                     Middlesex                                                                     Richmond’s worth

Watford                                                          South oxy                                                                                  Perivale

Alperton                                                         Ealing                                                                                       Hanger Lane

Wembley                                                        Acton                                                                                         Shepherd’s Bush

Fulham                                                           Cricklewood                                                                             Hendon

Golders Green                                              Barnet                                                                                       Chiswick

Hounslow                                                     Twickenham                                                                             West London


Feel free to contact us at 07535303766 you can also email us at Info@directscrapcars.co.uk