Car Breaking Services

The company process thousands of vehicles each year by giving the most effective and best disposal service and salvage collection in the industry for the top insurance. The services includes system evaluation and off-vehicle resurfacing of rotors or drums on the serviced axle performed by the certified professional technicians. The car bodies are crushed for recycling so they have another life as reinforcing steel. It is quite simple procedure where you can call on the number given at our website and negotiate the price for vehicle. The truck driver calls to confirm whenever he is ready to pick your vehicle. If you’re happy with the price we offer to you, we will come to you and pay cash and take your vehicle away.

Even our expert knows if you want the best fit, you need best machines too. Lathing service is designed to give vehicle with the best fit for your brakes. The company has been in the business of recycling the old vehicles for the past couple of years. The battery acid, petrol, oil, radiator fluids and brake fluid are eliminated to prevent pollution and then the vehicle is dismantled and the parts exported. Our services includes certified technician which will match your rotors to vehicle which also result in less braking noise and vibration. Our expert ensures rotors for smooth stopping which can exactly matched to the vehicle. This also eliminates lateral run out that causes pedal pulsation and vibration (less than one thousandth of an inch). Hence, if you want to sell your car, simply give us a call or email and we will make sure to give you a price quotation.

Our specialist removal service can eliminate vehicles even if they have no wheels. All cars have a worth in scrap metal where all vehicles are accepted. We can pay you cash on the sport and we don’t charge you an arm and leg for the removal procedure. Rest-easy that the vehicle you sell us will be almost completely recycled and thus selecting us is the green option. The specialists in the company can recycle your car and reuse the parts where feasible because we are able to provide you top dollar your unwanted car. The procedure is quite simple, leave your details and we will come back to you with a cash price for your broken vehicle. If you accept, we will definitely arrange a time for our tow team with the intention to collect the vehicle. When tow team arrives, they will pay you cash and take the car away instantly.