Car Recycling Middlesex

Car Recycling Middlesex

The recycling of any material is important for many reasons. The recycling leads to the creation of sustainable environment. It reduces and eliminates the cost of disposal of scrap material. Recycling is resource conserving process so it leads to bring sustainability in the economy. Most of the parts of the car are recyclable that is why we recycled 90% of the car. The following are the parts of a car that are mostly recycled: tires, windshield glass, batteries, steel parts, iron parts, wheels, radiators transmission, rubber hoses, carpets, car belts, seat, oil, filter, and mats.

Direct scrap cars are giving multi-dimensional services to the people of Middlesex. Our team can also collect the car free of charge from your prescribed spot on a single call. We provide pocket friendly services with proper consultation. If you are living in some far area then you don’t have to worry in contacting us. We give to comfort our customers by collecting their car from their location without any charge. Irrespective of the car condition, we can recycled any car either it is shattered, old, dented or hit somewhere.

Where recycled material is used?

The parts of a car that direct scrap cars recycled are used for different purposes. For example, the tyres of the car are used in the making of a base of the pavement during the making of roadways. The glass of the vehicles is used in the making of the tile flooring, making of glass beads, porcelain, making of countertops, and jewelry.

Advantages of recycled automobile

The recycled parts of the car are very beneficial as a recycled ton of glass saves 10 gallons of oil every year from the glass manufacturing company. Steel and iron recycled from the car parts are used in the making of many other products.

How do we proceed with car recycling?

The process of car recycling is started when the car reaches the end stage of life. The owner of the car sends the car to the junkyard and auto-recycling facility. It is done with the series of four steps:

  • Inspection

Our team goes through the detailed inspection in which they look over the car. They make a decision by detailed inspection whether the car should be recycled or repaired.  If repairing is not profitable then we go through the recycling process.

  • Draining of the fluids

We drain the fluids before we start the recycling process. We drain all types of fluids of the car, such as oil, gas, antifreeze, transmission, fluids, and lubricants of the brake. Our team provides pocket-friendly service by filtering and reusing gas and oil.

  • Sale of the recovered parts

We sell some parts of the car that are reusable to use in other cars. We send some parts to auto-part-re-manufacturers or any local repair operational center.

  • Crushing

The crushing process starts after removing the reusable parts of the car. The remaining body is send to the crushing and shredding process to convert the body into the slim metal.