Scrapping Your Car

Made Easy

Scrapyard Harrow

Scrapyard Harrow So.. you decided to go on vacation with your family. You have packed your bags, got yourself hotel reservations and got your car tank full of gas. So here you are… on road… going to country side for your vacations… with butterflies in your tummy. But after you have driven for a while… […]

Scrapyard West London

Scrapyard West London   Of course you will be exasperated and frustrated if you have to travel to another town only to scrap your car. Wouldn’t you just love it if you can simply get up and reach the facility in let’s say 5 to 10 minutes? Hell Yeah!! Amen to that. After all, who […]

Recycle Your Scrap Car

How Do We Recycle Your Scrap Car?   You might think that scrapping your car is easy. Well, it sure is easy with Direct Scrap Cars. However, the question remains: how do we recycle your scrap car? This is mainly because of the fact that when a car is junked, all of its parts are […]

Inform DVLA That You Have Scrapped Your Car

How to Inform DVLA That You Have Scrapped Your Car? One of the things which you must do after scrapping your car is letting DVLA know about it. Not only is this a legal requirement, but it would save you from many troubles waiting for you down the lane. For example, if you do not […]

Collecting Scrap from Roads

I’m sure you were taken aback after reading the title of this article, and you might have thought: “How can scrap collection from roads make money for me? “ After all, it is junk and scrap; the discarded item”. Well, it might sound new to you, but you can make gold out of junk. No […]

Ready to get rid of that junk car

Direct Scrap Cars is a junk vehicle removal service and run business located in United Kingdom. The company service all issues that your car will have and offer top rates for your junk car, van or truck. Direct Scrap Cars provide you removal services in London and surrounding areas. They have been towing unwanted vehicles […]

Scrap Cars Collection London

Ease Ways of Maximizing Money When You Junk Your Car If your car keeps breaking down on a frequent basis and its maintenance cost exceeds the amount it is worth, this indicates that the time has come to junk your car. Or, if you believe that it is not safe to take the car on […]