Inform DVLA That You Have Scrapped Your Car

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How to inform DVLA that you have scrapped your car

One of the things which you must do after scrapping your car is letting DVLA know about it. Not only is this a legal requirement, but it would save you from many troubles waiting for you down the lane. For example, if you do not let DVLA know that you no longer own the car, they will still be sending you tax challans which would be an extra burden on your pocket. Also, you might be charged with a fine of one hell of an amount for not informing DVLA about junking your car. Even if we leave the monetary element aside, it remains highly important that you inform the authorities that the scrapped car does not belong to you anymore. Sometimes, the scrapped car is revamped or repaired where it is ready to be on roads again. And this revamped car does not always land in good hands. It might be used for mischievous purposes or illegal activities. Therefore, leading you into trouble. Therefore it becomes highly inevitable to tell DVLA when you have scrapped your car.

The process for informing DVLA and scrapping your car is almost the same as selling your car to the insurance company. If you, however, choose to scrap your car with Direct Scrap Cars; we will carry out the whole process of notifying the DVLA and doing all the protocols required. You will get your certificate of scrapping it without any hassle. But, if there is another company whose services you have sought for scrapping your car; you need to do all of this to ensure that the car does not belong to you any longer.

Inform the DVLA when you’ve scrapped your vehicle:

In case you have scrapped whole of your car, including number plate, you can inform DVLA through two channels, online and by post, that the car has been scrapped and does not belong to you anymore.


You can inform DVLA about scrapping your car through the government’s official website. It is the most convenient way of informing the authorities. It is quick and fast as well. In order to tell DVLA about your car, you will be required to provide three things:

  • Car registration number
  • From Section 9 of your logbook or V5C, the 11-digit reference number
  • Details about the ATF, who took your vehicle. These details include the name and address of the facility who took your vehicle. (They’ll require these details regardless of the money you have got against junking or recycling your car).

By Post:

Another way of informing DVLA about scrapping your car is through the post. It is the simple and certain procedure for letting the authorities know that you are not to be held responsible for anything which happens because of your scrapped car. However, informing through the mail is a bit risky and bit inconvenient as you need to ensure that all the paper work has been done.

You can adopt any method to let the DVLA know about your scrapped car. The important thing is: you MUST tell that you have scrapped your car and it no longer belongs to you. But if you want to do it with ease and convenience, Direct Scrap Cars’ doors are always open for you.

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Remember: Always Inform DVLA That You Have Scrapped Your Car

Reasons Why You Should Junk Your Car for Scrap


Reasons why you should junk your car for scrap

Here are some Reasons Why You Should Junk Your Car for Scrap.

It is a hard decision to make, for all of us; when it comes to junking car for scrap. We cannot get over the fact that we spent a big chunk of our savings on buying that car. We have spent a plethora of bucks on its maintenance. Not to mention the emotional bonding we have with this vehicle because it was the car on which we went on the holiday as a family for the first time. But the bitter reality remains that this road buddy has completed its life cycle, and now it’s time to part our ways with this old pal. This article is about making it easy for you to junk your car for scrap once it has not remained fit to drive on roads.

1. Make some money:

The old piece of machinery has been lying in your garage for months now. No one has touched or used it for quite a long period of time. Instead of making it baggage for you, you can benefit from it. If you decide to junk your car for scrap, the advantages for you are twofold; you will be freeing up the space it had taken in your garage, and you can get a fair price for this scrap. Here, you have got the chance to make money out of junk. We highly recommend you of getting services of a junkyard. Like, Direct Scrap Cars, London gives you a pretty good amount for scrapping car and it also provides the facility of picking up the scrap from your doorsteps; making it a hot deal, all in all.

2. Get rid of maintenance cost:

If your car keeps breaking down every other day and now it has become a nuisance for you to get it repaired now and then; it is time to free up your pocket from these expenses. The ease which this car brings into your life is far lesser than a headache it causes you for its maintenance. Wouldn’t it be better to junk your car for scrap and make money out of it instead of continuing to spend on it?

3. Free up space:

Your old car is no more usable. You cannot take it out on the road because it is not safe to drive this car. Therefore, all it does is sits in your garage and collects dust. It is getting rotten, and the metal is probably getting corroded too. By deciding to junk it for scrap, you can free up the place it had taken in your garage and put that place to good use; maybe a hammock for your little girl or a place to hang your plants or wind-chimes.

4. A favour to the environment:

An old car can be hazardous for the environment because of its toxic emissions, in case you drive it. If you let it lie in your garage, the rubber and plastic which have gone into its making will wear down; hence harming the environment by creating hazardous issues for air, water, and land.

In a nutshell, when your car’s life comes to an end, you must junk your car for scrap because, despite its death, you can benefit from it in a number of ways.

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Recycle Your Scrap Car

Junk Car
Car Scrap

How Do We Recycle Your Scrap Car?

You might think that scrapping your car is easy. Well, it sure is easy with Direct Scrap Cars. However, the question remains: how do we recycle your scrap car? This is mainly because of the fact that when a car is junked, all of its parts are recycled. Those parts are made of metal, rubber, plastic and fabric. Recycling of plastic and rubber pose threat to environment security and surroundings as well. Therefore it becomes highly critical to ensure that car is recycled properly; as per protocols; so that it causes no harm to the environment. At Direct Scrap Cars London, we recycle your car in the light of these principles:

Maximum Recycling:

It might look strange and unbelievable to you that when a car is scrapped, all its bits and pieces are recycled. Which means that ideally there should not be any part left unattended which remains from getting recycled. Be it tires, metal frame, plastic seats, anything. Leaving any part out of this process will be injustice to the process of recycling.

Environment Friendly:

It is not the job of a scrapyard to simply junk a car; rather a scrapyard makes sure that car scrapping is conducted in such a manner which is nature-friendly and non-hazardous for the environment. There are many facilities who would extend their services to scrap your car, however it is with Direct Scrap Cars that you can be at peace because we will junk your car in a desirable manner.

Legal Process Is Followed:

At Direct Scrap Cars London, we carry out scrapping and junking of your car by book. Proper protocols are followed before scrapping your car. We make sure that the concerned authorities and the government are involved and they have given their approval to carry out the junking process. This process is not done just for the heck of it rather it is to save you from many troubles waiting down the lane.

Follow The Steps:

While recycling your scrap car, there are three stages through which it passes. At Direct Scrap Cars, we make sure that all the steps are followed and all stages are processed. These stages are:


In London, it is of significant importance that cars are disposed of in such a manner which is environment-friendly. The Environment Agency ensures that all rules and regulations in this regard are followed. It keeps a track that all such materials or components are removed from the car which can pose danger to the surroundings. Such measures not only maximize the efficiency of the recycling process but also lessen the chances of harm or damage which can be done to the environment. Batteries, oil, coolants, antifreeze, air conditioning gas, brake oil, etc are among those substances which can be highly pernicious for human and environmental health, if they are not attended properly.


It is after the removal of substances like battery, fuel, catalytic converter and other polluting substances that a vehicle is dismantled. Wheels, tyres and lead balance weights, liquefied gas tank and other bits and pieces are disassembled. This is to make the process of recycling easy. After dismantling, the disassembled pieces are separated based on their category i-e plastic, metal, fiber, wood, etc.


The final stage of recycling your scrapped car is to melt or deform the dismantled pieces so that they are be shaped into something new again. This is the stage where you can finally say that you have scrapped your car.

At Direct Scrap Cars, our staff is dedicated towards providing such services for the scrapping of your car which fulfil the requirements of DVLA, preservation of environment, and protection of human health. We believe that scrapping a car is not just one task; it requires, due diligence and professionalism so that the planet earth is not harmed in any way.

Our commitment to you and the environment

At Direct Scrap Cars, our staff is dedicated towards providing such services for the scrapping of your car which fulfil the requirements of DVLA, preservation of environment, and protection of human health. We believe that scrapping a car is not just one task; it requires, due diligence and professionalism so that the planet earth is not harmed in any way.

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Scrap car collection with best prices paid

Money for Car

Scrap Car Collection With Best Prices Paid

With Direct Scrap Cars you get Scrap car collection with best prices paid

When you sell your scrap car or even used car, Direct Scrap Cars company collect it from anywhere in United Kingdom.

Not only is this ideal if you don’t have enough time to drop off, but it is the perfect option if your old car is not working or if you don’t have insurance, tax or MOT.

Do you need to scrap your as it is no longer roadworthy? And you require a scrap collection in London?

Direct Scrap Cars have full time drivers that can collect your scrap vehicles, there is none of the issue as to coming to your premises and collecting your scrap car.

What will I have to Pay for scrapping?

Collecting your car is free absolutely and we pay you for your scrap vehicle. As the registered keeper of vehicle, we would like the customer to be there when our driver collects your car to be scrapped.

Conversely, we also comprehend on our website that this is not possible always, so we are contented to recover your vehicle without your presence also.

When it comes to collect your car in London, we require vehicle and keys. On the other hand, you don’t have both of these then we are sorry we cannot take your car.

On the off chance, if you lost your keys and have V5C, we can scrap your car.

However, if you still have your keys, we can still scrap your car. In this case, Direct Scrap Cars can pay you in two ways while gathering a car for scrap such as cash or cheque.

Old age or accident, maybe your car time has come, it is quite sad but now needs to be dealt in a correct manner. We will gather vehicle at convenience free of charge.

How can I prove my car was scrapped?

You will get a Certificate and peace of mind and Direct Scrap Car will issue you with a Destruction Certificate, it’s a proof that you might be no longer accountable for vehicle. Further information is accessible from our website.

We also help you protect the environment by making sure that all fluids and solids from the car are recycled as well as disposed in an environmentally friendly way.

Our company help to fight crime and dishonesty by taking vehicles off the road permanently and prevent the vehicle being used in crime like ram-raid or abduction.

We operate in London and are able to collect scrap cars from almost all corners of UK.

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Ready to get rid of that junk car

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Ready to get rid of that junk car?

Are you Ready to get rid of that junk car?

We are a junk vehicle removal service and run business located in United Kingdom. The company service all issues that your car will have and offer top rates for your junk car, van or truck.

Direct Scrap Cars provide you removal services in London and surrounding areas. They have been towing unwanted vehicles and are recognized for giving excellent customer service for many years when it comes to the junk removal services that the person may need.

Sell your junk car to the salvage yard for more dollars or give us a call. We will handle all towing details for your vehicle for free of cost and pay you on the spot for your junk cars, vans and trucks.

DSC also purchase junk, unwanted and damaged cars or trucks and make the procedure fast, convenient and easy for people. We come to you within one hour usually where towing is free.

Our availability:

Our business is accessible seven days a week to help our clients get rid of your unwanted vehicle. No matter what the condition is, Direct Scrap Cars knowledgeable car specialists are standing by to help you with your vehicle.

Our services are environmentally friendly and hassle free. This is fastest and easiest way to get cash for a scrap junk vehicle. We also pick up your car and tow it for free of charge as well as pay you cash.

Think of us as the most convenient, quickest and easiest way to get rid of the unwanted junk car. We also provide convenient source for getting unsightly cars out of the yard while aiding to clean up the environment.

We want to be your source for junk vehicle disposal and there is no obligation. Give us the lowdown on old junk car with the intention to receive offer instantly.

At Direct Scrap Cars, we also buy clunkers in all kind of conditions which means to get rid of the junk car which will take few minutes. Therefore, once we have provided your clunker and reviewed the title, we will pay you straight away and no downtime here.

All you have to do is to be present to the hand with the keys to receive your check. Sell your car fast and get cash for your car regardless of its condition.

Scrap Cars Collection London


Your old car could become a youthful beast

Tips for Selling Your Junk Car for Money

Easy Ways of Maximizing Money When You Junk Your Car

If your car keeps breaking down on a frequent basis and its maintenance cost exceeds the amount it is worth, this indicates that the time has come to junk your car. Or, if you believe that it is not safe to take the car on the road, because of the heavy wear and tear you should probably scrap your vehicle. You can do it either by sending it to a junkyard or private companies, who provide services for junking cars, or you can do it on your own. There is still a chance for you to make the best out of it by following these guidelines.

1. It’s all about weight:

While selling your car as junk, most of the times, the only thing which remains relevant is the weight of your vehicle. Rest of the items does not matter. It hardly matters how smart your stereo system is or how sophisticated your steering wheel is. If you think that your car has fancy accessories, do not expect to be paid fairly for them because you’ll be getting the price of scrap metal value majorly and the accessories will be bought at a nominal price. Therefore, we urge you to go ahead and take out the fancy accessories to be sold separately.

2. Sell the parts yourself:

We strongly recommend you to take out everything from your car which is not metal if you have decided to scrap your vehicle. This includes a stereo system, transmission system, seats, engine, wires, etc. Although this is a time-taking and laborious work yet it is worth it. Selling these parts on your own or auctioning them will benefit you more as compared to selling them at junkyard as scrap.

3. Benefit from the model of vehicle:

While you are going to junk your car, you can make the best out of your scrap based on your vehicle’s make, model and year. If the vehicle model you own has undergone slight changes in latter models; your prospects of making more money out of junk are bright. You can detach the vehicle’s parts, and there will always be a large number of buyers of those parts. They can get the parts at lesser prices as compared to market prices.

4. Your location counts:

Junkyards across the country have their type or category of vehicles they are interested in buying. While selling your vehicle to junkyard or salvage, your location matters to a great deal. If you choose to junk your car in a scrap yard which is located at a far off place, the chances are that they will be paying you less owing to transportation cost.

5. Junk is a relative term:

When trying to sell their vehicle, usually people expect a higher payment owing to its smooth running and regardless of it make/model and other factors. A car without blemishes on its body but higher fuel consumption might not be a scrap to you, but for a junkyard, it is only metal they are interested in; blemishes or no blemishes. On the other hand, what you might think as incredibly valuable might be junk and scrap for mechanics. Therefore, instead of involving a junkyard while you are going to junk your car is not so recommended.