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Collecting Scrap from Roads

How Can You Make Money by Scrapping you junk car from Roads

I’m sure you were taken aback after reading the title of this article, and you might have thought:

“How can scrap collection from roads make money for me? “

After all, it is junk and scrap; the discarded item”. Well, it might sound new to you, but you can make gold out of junk. No Kidding! And there is no involvement of heavy machinery or big setup for getting into this business.

What do you need for this?

A vehicle for collecting scrap from roads; a truck or container
A magnet to distinguish ferrous from non-ferrous metal. Even a small magnet can serve the purpose.
Basic knowledge about metals

From where can you collect junk?

You can collect junk from roads because that is where accidents happen. Vehicles lose their parts in crashes. These broken parts can be gathered to make money.
Another site for collecting junk is demolition sites and buildings. However, you will need permission for collecting scrap from such sites.
You can also put up flyers in your neighborhood so that if anyone wants to ‘get rid’ of scrap; they can give it to you.

How can you make money out of junk?


Sort the scrap metals:

After collecting scrap from roads, you have to sort this junk. You can use the magnet for separating ferrous junk from non-ferrous junk. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are used in the manufacturing of different items. Not to mention that there is a significant difference in their prices as well. A ferrous metal does not sell at that good of a price as does the non-ferrous metal.

The non-ferrous metals should further be boxed in separate containers. This is because they are alloys/mixtures of different metals. Each one has a different price. Separating and sorting non-ferrous metal will add more to the value of your scrap. E.g., if you have not separated aluminum from brass; while selling it in a scrapyard, you’ll get the only amount of one metal i-e either brass or aluminum.

Also, since the scrapyard will have to put to sort it; they’ll give you a lesser price for it.

Take it to scrapyard:

After sorting the junk into categories, you can take it to scrapyard, not junkyard. Although both handle scrap yet there is a difference in working of both. A scrapyard focuses on selling and buying of metal whereas a junkyard deals with other vehicular items as well.

Before selling it, you can maximize the price that you get from selling scrap. You should get a quotation or selling rate from multiple scrapyards so that the selling rate can be compared.

How much can you make:

How much money can you make from selling the scrap depends on the fact how much effort you are ready to put in? You can make a few bucks, and you can also make thousands of bucks. To sum it up, with a little hassle and effort, you can make quite decent money by collecting scrap from roads; without having to make any investment.

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