Inform DVLA That You Have Scrapped Your Car

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How to inform DVLA that you have scrapped your car

One of the things which you must do after scrapping your car is letting DVLA know about it. Not only is this a legal requirement, but it would save you from many troubles waiting for you down the lane. For example, if you do not let DVLA know that you no longer own the car, they will still be sending you tax challans which would be an extra burden on your pocket. Also, you might be charged with a fine of one hell of an amount for not informing DVLA about junking your car. Even if we leave the monetary element aside, it remains highly important that you inform the authorities that the scrapped car does not belong to you anymore. Sometimes, the scrapped car is revamped or repaired where it is ready to be on roads again. And this revamped car does not always land in good hands. It might be used for mischievous purposes or illegal activities. Therefore, leading you into trouble. Therefore it becomes highly inevitable to tell DVLA when you have scrapped your car.

The process for informing DVLA and scrapping your car is almost the same as selling your car to the insurance company. If you, however, choose to scrap your car with Direct Scrap Cars; we will carry out the whole process of notifying the DVLA and doing all the protocols required. You will get your certificate of scrapping it without any hassle. But, if there is another company whose services you have sought for scrapping your car; you need to do all of this to ensure that the car does not belong to you any longer.

Inform the DVLA when you’ve scrapped your vehicle:

In case you have scrapped whole of your car, including number plate, you can inform DVLA through two channels, online and by post, that the car has been scrapped and does not belong to you anymore.


You can inform DVLA about scrapping your car through the government’s official website. It is the most convenient way of informing the authorities. It is quick and fast as well. In order to tell DVLA about your car, you will be required to provide three things:

  • Car registration number
  • From Section 9 of your logbook or V5C, the 11-digit reference number
  • Details about the ATF, who took your vehicle. These details include the name and address of the facility who took your vehicle. (They’ll require these details regardless of the money you have got against junking or recycling your car).

By Post:

Another way of informing DVLA about scrapping your car is through the post. It is the simple and certain procedure for letting the authorities know that you are not to be held responsible for anything which happens because of your scrapped car. However, informing through the mail is a bit risky and bit inconvenient as you need to ensure that all the paper work has been done.

You can adopt any method to let the DVLA know about your scrapped car. The important thing is: you MUST tell that you have scrapped your car and it no longer belongs to you. But if you want to do it with ease and convenience, Direct Scrap Cars’ doors are always open for you.

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Remember: Always Inform DVLA That You Have Scrapped Your Car