Scrapping Your Car

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We buy scrap cars that are beyond repair plus we also sell your car if it has high mileage, damaged, faulty, failed its MOT or even a write-off. We will find you a price for any of the car even if it has plenty of miles left in it. We will tell you the value of your car online instantly  and will help you find the best price. For cars that are too good to scrap, broken or damaged, we will also give a quote to purchase it, we will just ask you some questions about your car condition and will guide you the best about it. No matter how old your car is or the condition of your car is, you can give it to us. Since, a car is composed of diverse types of materials for instance; plastic, iron, fabric, rubber etc. Thus, all these materials have to be junked with accordance of our client’s requirements. That is why you need a proper and unique facility like Direct Scrap Cars. Anticipating what price you will get when scrapping a car is based on huge number of factors. Companies that purchase cars for scrap will take few basic criteria into the account before deciding how much a scrap car is worth. For instance, there is the value of the scrap metal on vehicle where small cars are light relatively and thus have less useable scrap metal such as Land Rover and Vans are heavier considerably and are quite valuable too.

Direct car scrappers staff is highly experienced and professional in the field of scrapping cars. The company performs the junking task with utmost dexterity and professionalism. Due to their expertise, the organisation is highly recommended by our clients and customers. With direct scrap cars, you can scrap your car as per the government mandate and environmental requirements. It is our priority that car is junked in a way that it does not post any threat to the environment. The oil and gas in the car may cause risks to the environment if they are disposed of in a careless way. The staff of our company is dedicated to perform car scrapping without causing any risk to the environment. So if you are living in London, and want to scrap your car, bring your car to us and get the quotation for your car from our experts. Because this is the right way of scrapping the car where we does not only give professional services for junking your car but also extends services such as transportation and towing. Our company also offers other services such as 25 miles radius pick up, free car quotation and instance cash.