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How Do We Recycle Your Scrap Car?


You might think that scrapping your car is easy. Well, it sure is easy with Direct Scrap Cars. However, the question remains: how do we recycle your scrap car? This is mainly because of the fact that when a car is junked, all of its parts are recycled. Those parts are made of metal, rubber, plastic and fabric. Recycling of plastic and rubber pose threat to environment security and surroundings as well. Therefore it becomes highly critical to ensure that car is recycled properly; as per protocols; so that it causes no harm to the environment. At Direct Scrap Cars London, we recycle your car in the light of these principles:

  1. Maximum Recycling:

It might look strange and unbelievable to you that when a car is scrapped, all its bits and pieces are recycled. Which means that ideally there should not be any part left unattended which remains from getting recycled. Be it tires, metal frame, plastic seats, anything. Leaving any part out of this process will be injustice to the process of recycling.

  1. Environment Friendly:

It is not the job of a scrapyard to simply junk a car; rather a scrapyard makes sure that car scrapping is conducted in such a manner which is nature-friendly and non-hazardous for the environment. There are many facilities who would extend their services to scrap your car, however it is with Direct Scrap Cars that you can be at peace because we will junk your car in a desirable manner.

  1. Legal Process Is Followed:

At Direct Scrap Cars London, we carry out scrapping and junking of your car by book. Proper protocols are followed before scrapping your car. We make sure that the concerned authorities and the government are involved and they have given their approval to carry out the junking process. This process is not done just for the heck of it rather it is to save you from many troubles waiting down the lane.

  1. Follow The Steps:

While recycling your scrap car, there are three stages through which it passes. At Direct Scrap Cars, we make sure that all the steps are followed and all stages are processed. These stages are:

In London, it is of significant importance that cars are disposed of in such a manner which is environment-friendly. The Environment Agency ensures that all rules and regulations in this regard are followed. It keeps a track that all such materials or components are removed from the car which can pose danger to the surroundings. Such measures not only maximize the efficiency of the recycling process but also lessen the chances of harm or damage which can be done to the environment. Batteries, oil, coolants, antifreeze, air conditioning gas, brake oil, etc are among those substances which can be highly pernicious for human and environmental health, if they are not attended properly.


It is after the removal of substances like battery, fuel, catalytic converter and other polluting substances that a vehicle is dismantled. Wheels, tyres and lead balance weights, liquefied gas tank and other bits and pieces are disassembled. This is to make the process of recycling easy. After dismantling, the disassembled pieces are separated based on their category i-e plastic, metal, fiber, wood, etc.


The final stage of recycling your scrapped car is to melt or deform the dismantled pieces so that they are be shaped into something new again. This is the stage where you can finally say that you have scrapped your car.

At Direct Scrap Cars, our staff is dedicated towards providing such services for the scrapping of your car which fulfil the requirements of DVLA, preservation of environment, and protection of human health. We believe that scrapping a car is not just one task; it requires, due diligence and professionalism so that the planet earth is not harmed in any way.

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