Scrap Car Value

Scrap Car Value

So, your car is dead, and it is not safe to take it out on the road. People make fun of it because it’s nothing but a pile of junk. You might think that it is a nuisance for you. And now you are considering your options. Well, good news for you. Even though your old vehicle is a piece of junk and scrap; it still has value. And before you let a scrapyard rob you by saying that a junk car is utterly no good; let us walk you through some tips to assess the worth of your vehicle, so that you can find a right place to sell your junk car ta a reasonable price.

• When the weather is bad, the worth of SUV and 4X4 scrap car rises.

• When the prices of gas are low, the chances are that you will get a good offer for your junk car

• Summer and warmer months bring a right amount for a convertible vehicle. Also, you can get a good deal for a convertible if you sell it in a region which is warmer.

If your car has been lying around for long, its worth will start lessening because the metal will get corroded and other parts of the vehicle will begin to deteriorate when they're not in use. Not to mention, that the most valuable parts of your car deteriorate quickly. Like rubber becomes brittle when it has been lying around for a long time, and the fluids in car settle out. Seats get cracked and lose their colour in the sun.

• The price of metal is vital while assessing the worth of your junk car. The prices vary on a daily basis. They also vary by location. If the market rate of metal is right, you will get a good deal on your junk car.

• If your junk car contains parts which are still in working condition and they can be reused; that will increase the price you can get for your vehicle. Accessories like stereo, GPS, the alternator, starter motor, new tires and leather seats are all worth something. You can negotiate with salvage regarding the value of your car.

• If your vehicle is still drivable, that will increase its worth. Because this will eliminate the towing charges or pick up costs. The drivable car can find a new home if it is sent to auction because it can be resold after refurbishing.

• You can refer to Blue Book value for assessing the value of your car. After that, subtract the cost of repairs which are needed to make the car sellable. That will give you a rough idea about what your car might be worth if sold at auction or repaired and sent at a junkyard. You can get a rough estimate of your car’s worth from the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) website.

• You can get an idea about the worth of your car by calling your insurance company. The rate given by them can then be multiplied with the market rate at given percentage.


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