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Tips for Selling Your Junk Car for Money

Easy Ways of Maximizing Money When You Junk Your Car

If your car keeps breaking down on a frequent basis and its maintenance cost exceeds the amount it is worth, this indicates that the time has come to junk your car. Or, if you believe that it is not safe to take the car on the road, because of the heavy wear and tear you should probably scrap your vehicle. You can do it either by sending it to a junkyard or private companies, who provide services for junking cars, or you can do it on your own. There is still a chance for you to make the best out of it by following these guidelines.

1. It’s all about weight:

While selling your car as junk, most of the times, the only thing which remains relevant is the weight of your vehicle. Rest of the items does not matter. It hardly matters how smart your stereo system is or how sophisticated your steering wheel is. If you think that your car has fancy accessories, do not expect to be paid fairly for them because you’ll be getting the price of scrap metal value majorly and the accessories will be bought at a nominal price. Therefore, we urge you to go ahead and take out the fancy accessories to be sold separately.

2. Sell the parts yourself:

We strongly recommend you to take out everything from your car which is not metal if you have decided to scrap your vehicle. This includes a stereo system, transmission system, seats, engine, wires, etc. Although this is a time-taking and laborious work yet it is worth it. Selling these parts on your own or auctioning them will benefit you more as compared to selling them at junkyard as scrap.

3. Benefit from the model of vehicle:

While you are going to junk your car, you can make the best out of your scrap based on your vehicle’s make, model and year. If the vehicle model you own has undergone slight changes in latter models; your prospects of making more money out of junk are bright. You can detach the vehicle’s parts, and there will always be a large number of buyers of those parts. They can get the parts at lesser prices as compared to market prices.

4. Your location counts:

Junkyards across the country have their type or category of vehicles they are interested in buying. While selling your vehicle to junkyard or salvage, your location matters to a great deal. If you choose to junk your car in a scrap yard which is located at a far off place, the chances are that they will be paying you less owing to transportation cost.

5. Junk is a relative term:

When trying to sell their vehicle, usually people expect a higher payment owing to its smooth running and regardless of it make/model and other factors. A car without blemishes on its body but higher fuel consumption might not be a scrap to you, but for a junkyard, it is only metal they are interested in; blemishes or no blemishes. On the other hand, what you might think as incredibly valuable might be junk and scrap for mechanics. Therefore, instead of involving a junkyard while you are going to junk your car is not so recommended.