Scrap your MOT Failure

How to Scrap MOT Failure Car

Vehicles, like any other commodity, are bound to depreciate, and their life comes to an end after a particular time. It does not matter how much you cared for your car or how you kept up with its maintenance; the fact remains that at some point they become unfit to be driven on roads. The Ministry Of Transportation, or MOT, is an authority which tests cars for their fitness. Upon finding severe problems, those vehicles are declared unfit. These unfit cars are left with only one option i-e to be sent to scrap.

Now, the question arises: "what are the ways we can scrap MOT failure Cars?". In the past, we have witnessed a situation where if your car failed its MOT, you were willing to pay out of your pocket to get rid of it. But that is not the case now. Thanks to the internet that we can capitalize even junk and scrap. In this article, we have listed down a few options for you for your vehicle's last journey.

1. Send it to junkyard:

Once your vehicle has been declared unfit by MOT, you can make it a beneficial deal for yourself by sending it to a junkyard. You will be paid a pretty decent amount for it. Also, you can free up space in your garage.

Now a days, the junkyards offer their services to pick up the junk car from your doorstep. This makes it even easier to junk your car. You can avoid the hassle of transporting the junk to the junkyard. All you have to do is make one phone call.

Direct Scrap Cars (London) has set a milestone in this regard. They pick up the MOT failure cars car within the area of 10 miles. By offering this service, they save you from the trouble and headache to transport the scrap to the junkyard. This makes it easy for the people to junk their car. Although they charge you a nominal fee for availing their pickup services, we feel that it is worth it.