Scrapping Your Car

Made Easy

Scrapyard Chiswick

Direct Scrap Cars make sure that when people try to sell their scrap car to us, they must feel relaxed knowing that their old car will be taken care nicely and carefully and will be recycled to the high standard at the authorised recycling centre. Our company ensures that all paperwork related to DVLA should be taken care of carefully as well as at the same time offer cash for the scrap cars where our company people can pay the customers for it in the Chiswick area. Direct Scrap Cars will send DVLA certificate of Destruction when we see that your car is recycled as a proof that your car will be no longer on the road from now onwards.

Not only we tell you why your scrap car is worth for our company but when you choose us, you can arrange suitable timings in which we can contact you to collect your car. Your scrap car can be collected anywhere from Chiswick area. You can decide to sell your old car for spares or for scrap if you see that it has developed expensive mechanical fault and cannot be worthy on the road. By deciding this, you can easily get the best and affordable price for it from Direct Scrap Cars. Therefore, if you would rather drop off your car you can do that too. This means that you don’t have to make an appointment, you can just turn up with your reference number in the opening hours of our office