Scrapping Your Car

Made Easy

Scrapyard Harefield

Direct Scrap Cars offer has researched each of the members carefully and know that they are not only reputable and licensed but also able to give you the best service and prices in Harefield area. All this means that when you sell your scrap car to us, you get a great price, a first-class service and you can make sure that your car has been legally scrapped. If you dispose of your car through us, you’ll also benefit from our payment guarantee for added peace of mind. Direct Scrap Cars are fully behind the new law, because we are in favor of anything that helps to clean up our industry, which, unfortunately, still has some rogue traders.

A better regulated industry can only be a good thing for you, the customer, and legitimate, reliable scrap car dealers like us. Importantly, the new law will also help to crack down on a major problem that has destroyed the towns and cities in recent years – metal theft. We can’t offer cash anymore (nobody can, legally), but we can still get your money to you quickly, either by bank transfer or by cheque. Whenever you are in Direct Scrap Cars, we’ll come to you to collect your unwanted vehicle. We offer scraping services and will be happy to quote you a fair price there and then. Direct scrap cars provide great service in comparison to other places. You will definitely find our staff friendly and organizing which will help you decide what you need to do with your car.