Scrapyard Wembley

Scrapyard Wembley

Isn’t it a bit of hassle if you have to travel to the other town… only to scrap your car.

What if you want to scrap your car and you can simply get up and reach the facility within 10 to 15 minutes?

Amen to that.

I mean why you have to carry your car to another town only to get a quote which you might or might not like. Who has got that kind of money to waste or that much of time to flush down the drain?

If you are living in the vicinity of Wembley, you can scrap your car without having to leave your town.

Yes, it is as simple as that.

Direct scrap cars has set up its Scrapyard here in the west london area covering Wembley, Middlesex,  Ruilsli

So if your car is old and rusty, not fit for roads or simply a piece of shit; you can get rid of it at a fair price. Direct scrap cars accepts MOT failures as well as other car which have been declared unfit for roads by DMVA.

At Direct Scrapyard Wembley, you can enjoy the services of:

Scrapping your car:

If you are sick of your car which keeps breaking down because of its age.

Or if you want to get rid of your car because its condition is such that it cannot be repaired. Then scrapping or junking your car is the only option for you.

Getting a quotation:

It does not matter if you get the services of scrapping your car.

Like of course we are human beings. And we do not enter a place with a mind to avail the services.

You might just want to know the worth of your car in case of junking it. So, here it is.

Direct Scrapyard wimbly is here to give you a quote on your junk car- without the compulsion of getting scrapping services.

Car collection:

It might just happen that you are on your way to a great vacation. And right when you are mid way… Bam!!!


There your car has reached its age. And now it won’t even get started. What do you do now?

To whom should you assign this duty to pick your car from the road?

Here is the answer to your prayers on that road. Call Direct Scrapyard Wembley and make them responsible for your piece of junk.

Recycle your car:

You might just think that Direct Scrapyard Wembley is there for car scrapping only. Well… no sir, you are wrong.

At Direct Scrapyard Wembley, your junk car is recycled. Like, if you want to see that all parts of your vehicle are used productively, you can get that with Direct Scrapyard Wembley.

For more details about area coverage and facilities, book an appointment with our expert. Here are the digits. 07535 303 766