Scrapping Your Car

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Scrapyard West London

Scrapyard West London


Of course you will be exasperated and frustrated if you have to travel to another town only to scrap your car.

Wouldn’t you just love it if you can simply get up and reach the facility in let’s say 5 to 10 minutes?

Hell Yeah!! Amen to that.

After all, who would like to take car to whole another town only to get a quote which you might or might not like? Not every one of us is jet-traveling rich who can afford to waste money like this. And yes… time!!! Who has got that kind of time to flush down the drain?

With the availability of Direct Scrap Cars in London, if you are living in the vicinity then you can scrap your car easily. Without having to leave your town.

No Kidding. It is that simple.

Direct scrap cars is here all time to help you scrapping your old vehicle. We have been collecting scrap car from you location in west London.

So if your car has reached its age and is not fit for roads or has become simply a piece of crap; you can get rid of it at a really good price. Direct scrap cars accepts MOT failures as well as other cars which have been declared unfit for roads by DMVA.

At Direct Scrapyard London, you can enjoy the services of:

Car Scrapping:

Direct Scrap Cars will scrap your car if your car keeps breaking down because of its old age. OR if you want to get rid of your car because its condition is such that it cannot be repaired. Then scrapping or junking your car is the only option for you.

Getting a quotation:

It does not matter if you get the services of scrapping your car.

Like of course we are human beings. And we do not enter a place with a made up mind to get the services.

You might just want to know the worth of your car in case of junking it. So, here it is.

Direct Scrapyard London is here to give you a quote on your junk car- without the compulsion of getting scrapping services.

Car collection:

You may be on your way to a wonderful holiday. Just as you are halfway … Bam !!!


There is a refusal of your vehicle to take you to your destination because it has reached its age. And now will not start. what do you want to do now?

Who determines this duty to get your scrap car from the road?

Here’s the answer to your prayers on this road. Contact Direct Scrapyard London directly and make them responsible for the unwanted piece

Recycle your car:

You may think Direct Scrapyard London is just there to dismantle the cars. Well … no, sir, you are wrong.

At Direct Scrapyard London Your used car is recycled. For example, if you want to see all parts of your car are productive, you can get them with direct London scrap.

For more details about the coating and equipment, please Contact our specialist Ellie at 07913199276


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