Selling Your Car for Scrap

5 Factors Which Impact the Value

Your car has served its lifetime, and now it is now in such a condition where it cannot be used for transportation purpose. It is simply not safe to take it out on the road. You decide to sell it for scrap. You are no expert in this field i-e selling scrap. How do you know that you are not being fooled by the junkyard or salvage when you go to sell your car for scrap?

Well, worry no more. Here are some factors which can help you assess the value of your junk car. Therefore, you can look it for yourself if the quoted price for scrap is fair or not.

1. The price of metal:

It is metal mainly which goes into the manufacturing of vehicles. Therefore, when you decide to see your car for scrap, the cost of metal is the main factor which determines what price you can get for selling your car for scrap. The global economy and demand-supply cycle of steel influence the rate to a great extent. Moreover, because of China's shift to live a high standard of life as per environmental standard has made a significant cut in the demand for the metal. This has decreased the price of the metal. Hence, you will not be getting as great price for scrap as you were getting a few years back.

2. Leaving it all to junkyard:

While sending your vehicle to the junkyard, if you will leave all the labor to the junkyard that is going to affect the price you get for selling your car for scrap. Instead, if you take out the gas yourself, remove non-metal parts yourself and clean the vehicle, you are likely to get a better price for junk. The more labor a junkyard has to put into getting your car scrapped, the lesser amount you will get for it.

3. Transportation cost:

The locality of junkyard leads to the incurrence of transportation cost. If the vehicle you want to sell for scrap lies at a distance from a junkyard, and you avail pickup services of the junkyard, that is going to affect the price you will get for selling your car for scrap. Towing services and transportation charges cost you quite an amount.

4. Motion and Rest:

The parts of the car are such that if they are in action, they remain usable. However, if your vehicle has been lying uselessly for quite a long period; the chances are that it will get more deteriorated because the metal accumulates rust. The rubber and plastic which went into the making of your vehicle become brittle and can't remain together. Therefore, the time span for which your vehicle has been stagnant affects the value of selling your car for scrap.

5. Do a little research:

Being a novice and layman about the value of metal or scrap, you can be robbed if you directly go to sell your car for scrap to a junkyard. If your car is still running, you can get an idea about resale value on Kelly Blue Book. However, if it has reached its death, then you can get the idea from multiple junkyards. Direct Scrap Cars can provide significant assistance by giving you an initial idea about the value of your vehicle. This research can be your starting point to make the sale of junk a profitable deal for yourself.