Why Us

Why Choose Us?

There are many facilities which can take your car and junk it but what is it which makes Direct Scrap cars so distinguished when it comes to scrapping your junk car. What are the reasons behind picking Direct Scrap Cars? Well, we can give you a lot many reasons for choosing us. But here, let’s talk about it from YOUR perspective. How is coming to Direct Scrap Cars is going to benefit you?

  •  You get the best price for scrapping your car.
  •  Your car can be of any model or make, and it is welcome at Direct Scrap Cars.
  • The friendly staff is always there to guide and assist you with their best possible advice, in all matters.
  • You do not have to pay for the collection of car. It comes as a free service.
  • You will find us reliable for ending your car in a professional manner.
  • Your vehicle is scrapped in a legal manner i-e after fulfilling all legal requirements.
  • You will get a Certificate of Destruction which will save you from many troubles down the lane.
  • You will get assistance and guidance of our representative for carrying out all DVLA paperwork.
  • There are no scams involved in Direct Scrap cars. You get your payment for scrapping car right on the spot.
  • You are given a clear picture of your car so that you have a clear idea about its worth.
  • You can get a quotation for your car online as well.

We provide the best quotation on the spot.

  • When it comes to getting the best deal on ending your car, we can say it without an iota of doubt that there is no other facility which can offer higher a price than us. If they do, make sure to go into their details of working as there may hidden charges. The deduction of these charges can make a significant cut in the quoted price.

Auction Makes it Better

When you auction a car, there is highly likely that your car will get a better price than selling it to a scrapyard. This is because of the fact that some of the parties might have a special interest in your car for which they would outbid others and offer a higher price. When you hand it over to Direct Scrap cars auction, all you need to do is sit back and relax. Because, at auction, it will bring such a handsome amount which might even surprise you.

With an auction, little extra information about the car is provided including photos. This prompts dealers from various areas to bid on it. In case you feel that your vehicle is worth more than its age and weight, there will be better prospects for you to sell it on auction. Like, if you have a classic Mercedes in good condition, you will get a price quotation worth is scrap only. However, an auction will make it noticeable by someone who is fond of collecting vintage cars and is ready to make an offer which is way too unbelievable.

And this is not all about it. Even in an auction, we keep you updated with prices being offered. We only sell a car to a price, which has your approval.

We Quote Take-Home Price

At Direct Scrap Cars, we quote you a price which does not include any hidden charges. The price we quote to you is what you take home. No deductions and no cuts.

Free Car Collection

Only at Direct Scrap Cars, your car is collected without charging you an extra amount. We collect your car from your given location free of charges. This place can be anywhere. It can be your home or somewhere on the road.
There are many facilities out there, who would make a sugary offer for ending your car. But when the time comes, the offer might not be that sugary because of hidden charges like pick-up cost, transportation charges, towing charges, etc.

Vehicle’s condition doesn’t matter

If you think that your car is a corroded piece of junk which no one would be interested in buying; well that is not true. It is welcome at Direct Scrap cars. If you think that your junk car will be rejected by other junk car establishments, bring it to Direct Scrap Cars and get a price quote which you will find irresistible.

Your Car is junked professionally

At Direct Scrap Cars, we ensure that cars are disposed off in a manner which is right. It is in terms of environment-friendliness and also in terms of legal requirements.

We make sure that your car is scrapped according to the guidelines of Environment Agency. While carrying out the recycling process, we make sure that such procedures are adopted which do not pose any threat to the environment.
Also, before scrapping your car, Direct Scrap Cars ensure that legal work is complete lest it creates problems in the future.

Guidance and Assistance

If you think you are clueless about from where to start and to where you should go when it comes to recycling your car, let it be our responsibility to guide you through this process. Our qualified and expert representative will be there to assist you at all stages.

You are our priority

Our main focus, at Direct Scrap cars, is our customers i-e YOU. We make sure that Direct Scrap Cars offer you not only the best price but the helpful environment and efficient customer service which no other facilities offer. We provide you with the best scrap car sale experience.