Scrap car collection with best prices paid

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Scrap Car Collection With Best Prices Paid

With Direct Scrap Cars you get Scrap car collection with best prices paid

When you sell your scrap car or even used car, Direct Scrap Cars company collect it from anywhere in United Kingdom.

Not only is this ideal if you don’t have enough time to drop off, but it is the perfect option if your old car is not working or if you don’t have insurance, tax or MOT.

Do you need to scrap your as it is no longer roadworthy? And you require a scrap collection in London?

Direct Scrap Cars have full time drivers that can collect your scrap vehicles, there is none of the issue as to coming to your premises and collecting your scrap car.

What will I have to Pay for scrapping?

Collecting your car is free absolutely and we pay you for your scrap vehicle. As the registered keeper of vehicle, we would like the customer to be there when our driver collects your car to be scrapped.

Conversely, we also comprehend on our website that this is not possible always, so we are contented to recover your vehicle without your presence also.

When it comes to collect your car in London, we require vehicle and keys. On the other hand, you don’t have both of these then we are sorry we cannot take your car.

On the off chance, if you lost your keys and have V5C, we can scrap your car.

However, if you still have your keys, we can still scrap your car. In this case, Direct Scrap Cars can pay you in two ways while gathering a car for scrap such as cash or cheque.

Old age or accident, maybe your car time has come, it is quite sad but now needs to be dealt in a correct manner. We will gather vehicle at convenience free of charge.

How can I prove my car was scrapped?

You will get a Certificate and peace of mind and Direct Scrap Car will issue you with a Destruction Certificate, it’s a proof that you might be no longer accountable for vehicle. Further information is accessible from our website.

We also help you protect the environment by making sure that all fluids and solids from the car are recycled as well as disposed in an environmentally friendly way.

Our company help to fight crime and dishonesty by taking vehicles off the road permanently and prevent the vehicle being used in crime like ram-raid or abduction.

We operate in London and are able to collect scrap cars from almost all corners of UK.

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